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Language Policy

Language Policy contributes to the development of the field via publishing high-quality studies that help build a suitable notional understanding of the area under discussion area. It presents papers that compact with the widest range of situations, regions and cases. Many countries have a language policy planned to favor or discourage the use of a certain language or group of languages. Although nations historically have used language policies most often to encourage one official language at the cost of others, many countries now have policies designed to encourage and protect ethnic and regional languages whose survival is threatened. Indeed, whilst the existence of linguistic minorities within their jurisdiction has often
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It will also be of concern to heads of language academies and planning agencies. The study of the nature and capabilities of language policy and planning is a current and fast growing area. Worldwide developments in connection with major imperial and national languages, multilingualism, the stampede towards English, the endangerment of large and small languages, national and ethnic efforts to slow the process, language rights, and monolingual policies have turned language policy and language education policy into burgeoning fields for research and activity. A distinctive feature of this journal is its mixture of language policy and educational policy. Whereas often the two main elements of language policy are seen as policies regarding the status of languages and policies about the form of languages, the perspective board of this journal follows Cooper (1989) in adding a third key area: possession policies pertaining to the learning and teaching of languages. The reason for this is dual: decisions about which languages ought to be used or educated in school are the most common language policy decisions; and language education matters can only be understood in the widest religious, cultural, political, ethnic and economic…show more content…
Unlike its antecedents, LPS has been modified specifically to the North American school framework. Particularly, it has been formed for urban schools that have big populations of linguistic minority students. The style is obvious and articulated with a personal voice. The book is paying attention very much on the realistic and instant needs of administrators who have to develop and execute responses to matters surrounding the use of language in

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