My Life Changing Event Essay

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Life Changing Event It was less than a second, but it changed my life. When I was little, my mom had just dropped me off at my grandparents house because she had to go to work. As soon as I walked into the doorway, my mammaw told me that she had a big present for me. She walked me into her bedroom and there was a very big present on the soft covers. I Eagerly jumped onto the bed and started to rip open the present. As soon as I saw what it was, I screamed with joy. Inside the wrapping paper was a piano keyboard. On the keyboard was all sorts of buttons and levers that played tunes. I could also make my own. At that moment, I knew I had a connection with music. I played on that little piano for hours and I never got bored of it. When I was around 5 years old, my Mom and Dad saw that I had a love for music, so they ended up giving me a small guitar to practice on. There were only a few instruments that I liked and guitar was not one of them, so I didn 't do much with it. I never really learned how to play piano because my grandmother had a job and she couldn 't at the time. I only taught myself to do tiny little tunes that only had a few notes,…show more content…
I would tap my pencil in class and make beats with my school supplies. The teachers didn 't much like it so I got in trouble a lot for it and that weakened my love for music. When I made it into 5th grade, my music teacher, Mrs. Wattkins taught everyone in her class how to play the recorder. The recorder was very fun to play and I learned it very quick. We had weekly tests for certain pieces of music. On Monday, I got a new piece of music to practice in class and to practice at home. When Friday came, I was ready to pass it off. During that school year, I played Around fifteen pieces of music. The level of difficulty went from a song like Hot Cross Buns that only had three different kinds of notes to a song like Ode To Joy that had many different kinds of
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