Life On A Mobius Strip: An Analysis

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Each and every author create a unique way of describing their own encounters that they have had in their life by bringing literary aspects and enriching the experiences from their lives and adding it to the story to place emphasis on the events that have had an impact on their lives. The author creates an emphasis on critical aspects of the story through the tone, where hearing the poet describing their own story gives light to what each poet puts emphasis on their own story and the influences that other people or have had on their lives. Not only does each poet have a unique way of telling a story but also their tone can describe many aspects of their life like what they are, passionate about, the connections that they have had which affects …show more content…

For example, education where Warren was illiterate and is unable spell anything simple, whereas Levin herself she was high educated and had obtained a Ph.D. in astrophysics. Levin presents her story by using humor with contrasting elements from her life to creating a balance that Warren had maintained through her life. This shown through Warren’s persuasive ability by being able to convince Levin to sell the items that she’s been “hanging onto”(The Moth, 2011). This is shown through Warren’s philosophy, which is “you can’t own what you can’t carry”(The Moth, 2011). Another aspect that is unique about this relationship is about Levin and Warren’s where they have opposing forces in-between them and it is symbolic of ying and yang. These two opposing forces and are able to create a tension between one another similar to how Levin and Warren coexist, and they are able to ground one because of the different life styles that they have and the opposing interest. An aspect that Levin mentions that encompasses their coexistence is different state of exile. The mental exile that Levin and use her passion about mathematics and numbers to give herself an escape from reality. Whereas the physical exile that Levin has from coming from the United Kingdom where his escape is through being obsessed with music and

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