Link Crew Reflection

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Leadership is being bold enough to provide a vision, and humble enough to recognize achieving it will take the efforts of many people. It means being an example, a contributor, and a motivator. Leadership is inspiring, and empowering a team to work towards a common goal. Leadership is understanding people's talents, and temperaments and creating an environment to let others soar to their highest potential. Through out my high school career leadership has been a big part of my life. Most of my experience has come from Link Crew, a leadership program at my school that chooses upperclassmen to be a mentor to incoming freshman, providing them with support, and guidance during their transition into high school. This program also focuses on giving back to the community, and our school. My junior year …show more content…

December 13th, 2013 our school went through a shooting. A role model to all, Claire Davis was killed by a fellow classmate, and the shooter then took his own life. While this was going on I was in the class room of one of my Link Crew mentors. He equipped me with strength and eyes to see the greater future. My experience as leader during this last year reflects my definition as to what leadership is completely. Link Crew as a whole provided a vision of the Deliberate Acts of Love and Kindness Campaign. As a group we recognized that it needed to be a school and community wide effort. Not a single person was capable of achieving this goal on their own. Working as a team we exemplified love, and kindness, Claire Davis’ father's wish for our school. During a leadership seminar a past Arapahoe High School principal came and spoke with us, he said “Arapahoe students are rooted in love, and love is rooted in our hearts.” We contributed

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