Lives On The Boundary Analysis

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Lives on the Boundaries by Mike Rose is an inspirational text. Throughout the text Rose is battling with loss and depression, but continues to strive to satisfy his educators. Mike Rose wasn’t the type of student who would go above and beyond to prove himself unless he had some push from his professors. Luckily he received this push throughout his entire educational career. Once an individual receives the invitation it provides a window of opportunity, a support system with the educators, and allows the student to see their potential in the pursuit of greater education. One of my favorite lines throughout this entire book is on page 132, Rose proclaims: “The more I come to understand about education, the more I’ve come to believe in the power of invitation.” Although this is a very explicit claim I…show more content…
With the invitation to education most students wouldn’t achieve as high of a standard they are capable of. I believe this is a major part in education. Most teachers know the educational abilities of every student, but when they see that an individual isn’t reaching that mark they push them to do better for the benefit of the student. In both of these stories the teachers believed that the student could do better, and they tried their best to show the student what their capabilities are.
One of the hardest parts in education for the students is to get the invitation from their teachers. Even without the invitation to education some students will thrive to do well for themselves, educationally and personally. It is theoretically impossible for a teacher to make sure every student gets the necessary push they need. Often times, the students who are struggling with their education will get the necessary push before the students who are succeeding. I know this first-hand how hard it is to get the invitation to education after succeeding most of my educational
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