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If ‘Weekend is Coming’ are those three magical words you want to hear, then 2018 is going to be one amazing year. We love weekends. They are like an oasis in the middle of a hot and dry desert. Yes, after working tirelessly for days, we get those priceless off-days where we can relax, have a family time, chill with friends, read, cook, travel or simply take long naps. Basically, indulge in activities to recuperate from daily-lives stress. And, what’s better than weekends...LONG WEEKENDS! Having an extra day off either on Friday or Monday is a sweet dream, which is getting fulfilled in the New Year. There are as many as 15 long weekends in 2018 and it is important for us to make complete use of it. India ranks fifth in the most vacation-deprived country globally. According to an annual survey conducted by online travel agency Expedia, 67 percent Indians have cancelled or postponed vacation plans for several reasons this year. Yes, we love to work day in, day out. But taking your minds off work to rejuvenate is equally important. The year is gifting us 15 long weekends to strike a healthy work-life balance. Here’s a complete list of long weekends of 2018. Mark these dates on the calendar and plan short vacations, romantic getaways or solo trips. Just do it! January The first…show more content…
But you can get one by applying for a leave in advance in the second week. With Maha Shivaratri celebrated on February 13 on Tuesday, apply for a leave on February 12. This way you get a four-day long weekend beginning from February 10. There are many festivals and events to attend this month like Kala Ghoda Arts Festival (February 3-11) in Mumbai, Mahindra Blues Festival (February 10-11) in Mumbai, India Art Fair (February 9-12) in New Delhi and Surajkund International Crafts Mela (Faridabad, near South Delhi). The fun and colourful Goa Carnival is also taking place exactly on the four-day long weekend, from February 10 and last until

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