Lost Colony Of Roanoke Colony Summary

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The Lost Colony of Roanoke was the last of three attempts of colonization and till the successful Jamestown. The first group of men came to “scout out” the New World for future colonies. The second group was there for military and scientific reason, who was later pushed out due to “bad blood” with neighboring Indians and was far from peaceful. The third and final group came to settle, bringing women and children including John White 's family. John White first came to the New World with the second group of men. Having lived there for 13 months he had painted 70 watercolors of Indians of their ceremonies, their leaders, how they looked, and of them in their everyday life. He also painted what the area looked like. After the second group had returned to …show more content…

The nearby Indian tribe was the Croatan 's that lived on Croatan Island, but were known to be friendly. John White 's plan was to go to the island to look for them. Then sudden storm passes through damaging his ship, preventing the search, and forcing him to return to England for repairs on his ship. White died in 1593, three years after the discovery of the lost colony, and never knowing what happened. Today evidence has been found on a map of John White 's painting 's, raising some suspicion on what really happened to the lost colony researchers have developed all possible scenarios for what might have happened. Some researchers believed diseases, and that their bodies had not been able to fight off the diseases, or violence. When researchers try to figure out the scenarios of what might have happened, they 've questioned every possible scenario that could have happened. For example, if the colonies went to seek safety, they might have gotten into small group and separated, but if they planned to go to to Croatan Island what if their ship was blown off course? Researchers are still unsure about really happened to this lost colony, after finding some buried cannons they 're now thinking of other ways to find

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