Louis Vuitton Swot Analysis

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A – Positioning map:

B – Kapferer prism:

Even today, Louis Vuitton is renowned for its craftsmanship regarding the bags but unfortunately did not achieve to succeed as a strong fashion brand.
C – Swot analysis:

Why the ready-to-wear of Louis Vuitton is not so successful?

A- The Louis Vuitton women has never been defined
During the Nineties, Gucci decided to hire Tom Ford, an American designer to re-new the brand. Following the same idea, the LVMH director,M. Arnault, decided to put Marc Jacobs in charge of the ready-to-wear line.
The designer has always tried to be very modern and creative but the Louis Vuitton woman has always been difficult to define. Since the beginning, the style keeps changing season after season. A
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The brand oscillates between mature sophisticated women and young girls, targeting more the millennials. For the latest campaigns, while looking to be more luxurious and more exclusive, the brand decided to shot artists like Selena Gomez or Jaden Smith which once again, did not match with the luxurious image of the brand.

D- The brand lost exclusivity
Since the birth of the Louis Vuitton House and especially since its expansion abroad, the brand never stopped to fight against illegal copies, especially regarding handbags. Nowadays, the brand is still one of the most attractive one in term of counterfeit because the monogram is easy to reproduce. A lot of copies of the iconic products has been made and are really hard to differentiate from the real ones for an uninformed customer. This phenomenon deeply affected the brand image and customers stop trusting the uniqueness and exclusivity of the brand because the monogram and damier have been seen everywhere in the streets, carried by people from all social status. Indeed, the real consumers of Louis Vuitton are wealthy clients buying the brand want to be part of the exclusive “club” of luxury that a very few people can

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