Main Characters In The Pledge By Chandra Sparks Taylor

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The Pledge by Chandra Sparks Taylor is a teen fiction book. Chandra has many other books like Spin it like that, Black Girl Dreaming, The Promise and many more. The main characters in The Pledge are Courtland the captain of the cheerleading team and Allen Benson the star player of their boys’ basketball team. Courtland’s Mother, Sister, Father and her aunt Dani are also characters in the book. The setting is Birmingham Alabama some other places is Courtland home and Their school Grover High. The Pledge is a book about a teenage girl trying to find love and still keep her commitment to God. The Pledge is a teen fiction book about a 16 year old girl named Courtland whose seventeenth birthday is approaching. Her parents don’t allow her to date yet but she has this huge crush on a senior named Allen Benson who’s going pro when he gets out of high school. Courtland attends Worth the Wait at her church First Baptist Worth the Wait is a program where girls wait until marriage to have sexual intercourse. Her and Allen become boyfriend and girlfriend the relationship starts off good then he becomes abusive which leads to them breaking up. Courtland parents have problems in their marriage and her father turns to alcohol and stop’s spending time with his family. Allen get accused or rape and get sentenced to jail once he returns home he tries to apologize to her she falls for it and they end up back together. On Courtland’s first day of her junior year she was excited she was the

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