Mandatory Public Service Rhetorical Analysis

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When the topic of volunteering would be mentioned upon me and my peers, we would most likely change the subject or disperse. Volunteering is something that is rising in our generation, yet is hidden in the shadows at the same time. In Kent Ansen’s essay, “Should the United States Establish Mandatory Public Service for Young Adults?” the author tells the audience why public service should be mandatory. I believe that volunteering is an amazing subject that comes with unbelievable benefits to the person and the environment that is affected by the, but at the same time, should not be mandatory for everyone. In my lifetime, I have had multiple times of public service. I worked at my church, cleaning all of the seats, vacuuming, and washing the…show more content…
Time is very crucial to a young adult’s life, and is spent on various subjects from school to family. Students in high school and college barely have time to spend freely and struggle to complete work on a constant daily basis. If a mandatory assigned public service were assigned to the person at a certain time, this would most likely conflict with their schedule. In the Pendulum article I read, the writer has his take on mandatory public service: “However, I don’t feel mandatory service is necessary. As soon as I graduate college, I want to get out in the world and start working” (Pendulum, 2005, para. 6). Volunteer work is unpaid, and as described here, would take away from the time a person is using to work or figure their life out. The most valuable times of a person’s life could be messed with by this mandatory period of volunteer time. Also, if a drafting system would be instituted with the public, people could be randomly chosen. This means that everybody from the impoverished to the prosperous could be picked. Lots of people have health issues and problems as well so that would most likely have numerous conflicts along with it. With all of these problems, the authorities would most likely have a heap of trouble along with…show more content…
One may observe what it has done to the shaken people of prison, for example. The men and ladies in that establishment have time to reflect and without free lives of their own. With this comes life lessons, and they can be learned through the work given to them during the time that they serve. I guarantee that this work such as picking up trash on the highway has made the majority of the imprisoned reflect on their past actions. Mandatory volunteering can have awful aspects too because people may not always enjoy it while some do. The mandatory public service could also make the prisoners furious or depressed too, proving that it is not always good for everyone. On the other hand, life without mandatory volunteering has many differences. The people who choose not to volunteer can choose to be lazy a lot of the time, which can lead to negative effects. These can include playing video games, napping, or wasting time another way, and none of these lead to positive things for society. There is also another side to those who don’t have mandatory volunteering, with the people who just simply volunteer. These people get a plethora of experiences, such as the ones I mentioned earlier. As one can see, volunteering has many different viewpoints depending on where the person

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