Maslow's Hierarchy Theory

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INTRODUCTION Management is the specific organ of any organization and helps in their well working when followed strictly whether it is private, public or government firm. Management in the present era helps the younger generation who are known to be “knowledge workers” to be competitive in order to achieve their set goals at a faster pace so that they can reach higher levels of the hierarchy in their working environment. According to McFarland (2004) “Management is the process of creating, directing and maintaining an organization through coordinated and supportive human efforts.” According to Andrew DuBrin (Essentials of Management 9th edition, 2012) “Management by planning, organizing, staffing and leading helps in attaining the organizational objectives.” In the present report a brief shall be explained on the Maslow’s Law of Hierarchy with the example from the current market. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Abraham Maslow has developed the most famous theory known as the Hierarchy of Needs. Hierarchy of needs suggests that people are inspired by numerous needs and these needs exist in a hierarchical order. Maslow classified the 5 specific needs which motivate people in an ascendance order:- 1 Physiological Needs-Physiological needs refer to the basic bodily requirements such as nutrition, water, shelter, moderate temperatures, rest and sleep. During the present working environment most of the firms have been giving preference to the physiological need of their employees
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