Mein Burger Swot Analysis

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McDonalds is a worldwide known fast-food chain with more than 34,000 chains in 118 nations. In Germany, the fast-food chain was to rejoice its 40th anniversary, PR Company Razor fish threw a six-month PR campaign that concentrated on consumer involvement. The campaign, named ‘Mein Burger’ (My Burger), urged customers to generate and market their own particular burgers. After that, the victors were selected based on public votes, with the winning burgers being additional onto the menu across Germany.
Though McDonalds typically targets a wide range of customers in its campaigns including families and youngsters, but this MEIN BURGER campaign specially targeted loyal customers of McDonalds Germany.
This Public Relations campaign targeted:
• Teenagers
• Faithful fans
• Active internet users
• Customers possibly attracted in becoming involved in advertisements (as part of the prize)
• McDonald’s admirers aged 18-49, men and women.
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It was also selected for “Best Social Media Campaign 2011” and also known as Best of Social Media Award.
Generally speaking, the 'Mein Burger ' campaign ended up being an incredible achievement. Because of McDonald 's being a worldwide recognized brand, it is not amazing that the campaign attracted a lot of attention. The campaign does, though, prove the success of social media. In spite of the fact that McDonald 's is a worldwide brand, the campaign was locally important and concentrated on Germany: the primary place winning burger was impacted by German cuisine that included ingredients: sharp cream, cheddar cheese, hamburger and schinken, and so forth.
Similar campaigns were also held in Spain, the Netherlands and Austria. It would also be fascinating to attempt a related campaign in another area or region for example North America, to think about how such procedures and strategies would be received by various publics.
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