Media Violence Behavior

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• Kyle Shaw from New York, 17, set off a bomb made out of a plastic bottle, fireworks and electrical tape outside an outlet of Starbucks in 2009. Shaw hatched the plan inspired by Brad Pritt's character in "Fight Club." UNESCO initiated a project in 1997, which analysed the importance of the impact of media violence. Around 5000 twelve-year-old children from 23 different countries, participated in the project. The research showed that 51% of the children claimed they would like to be like the antagonist from the movie 'Terminator', Arnold Schwarzenegger as he represents the characteristics which children think are necessary to cope with difficult situations. The information is derived from a trustworthy source, the UNESCO website itself. …show more content…

The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) chief PahlajNihalani's opinion on television violence: "Shows like Crime Patrol and Saavdhan India, depicts the most gruesome and heinous crimes in graphic detail. If the same content was shown in any film, we at the CBFC would have to clamp down heavily on the content." He believes that these shows are affecting the psychological development of young minds. His statement is credible as it is coming from an expert in the field of media. The series 'Crime Patrol' brings to life different incidents of crime in the past with surprising authenticity. "The focus remains however on how these incidents could have been prevented," mentions the Times of India. The series helps the viewers understand the behaviour and circumstances and prepares them for the future. Although these shows may unintentionally have harmful impact, they spread awareness, but what about shows that are strictly for entertainment purposes? The entertainment seems to go down the drain when taken to a whole new level and stunts are performed by …show more content…

This should also be done through parents, like with in my case. For instance, a couple of my young friends had seen something fierce on television and were curious and asked me some questions about sexual violence. I simply explained the consequences and made sure they didn't get into trouble for something they were not fully aware of. In this case, the parents should have been more careful and paid attention. Children become insensitive to others sufferings. Their values, attitudes and behaviour may change after watching violent shows. As it has a global influence, to avoid this, the following courses of action can be taken: • Make them watch value and learning based animated cartoons that talk about "Good touch, bad touch," for example. • Team children together so they learn to be cooperative and open minded. Also, media violence can make children become more fearful about the real world and they may not become independent. To prevent this from happening, the following precautions should be taken: • Hold counselling sessions for

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