Medical Office Research Paper

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Explain the importance of thinking ahead when working in a medical office or facility, regarding telephone calls. List and explain the diverse types of calls that come into a medical office or facility. There are five important things to know about taking calls in a medical facility: (Completeness of the message) (Clarity: of the message) (Conciseness: of the information) (Courtesy: when delivering the message) (Cohesiveness: logic and organization of the message.) Keeping these five things in mind when working in a health facility your well on your way. Of course, there other important things you would need to take in consideration and those things are: Greetings, the pitch of your voice, gathering the correct information, directing the…show more content…
The pros to scheduling is having a system or a scheduling system in the medical office that you’re working in. Also knowing when your physician’s availability and having knowledge of that physician specialty. The way of accomplishing this is to have excellent communication with your physician it keeps you a step ahead of the game. Knowing where and when your physician will be make a scheduler job much easier. Documentation I mention this a lot because it is a backup plan if you forget!!!, so that you have the information to give to the physician in clarity. The cons to scheduling, is NOT KNOWING, not have any communication with facility staff. I stress the communication and having a relationship with the physician, because you can get the inside information such as they’re not going to available next week or their taking two hours of lunch or even going on a vacation in the future this works with you and not against you. A scheduling job can be great, but also if you’re not organize can be a very stressful one. Gather all information that you need to schedule before the day starts arriving early so you know who’s available and who’s not and how you can direct your clients when they arrive or
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