Memory And Memory

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Memory and Learning through Conditioning
It may seem that learning and memory would be an easy topic to discuss since they're so commonly intertwined. However, they're universal, so many people often use different words to refer to the same thing, which can lead to a lot of misperception. Learning is identified as a change in behavior or knowledge due to experience, whereas memory is utilizing the resource of past experience to guide or direct behavior and thoughts in the present (“Learning & Memory”, N.D.). The tools that our brain relies on in learning and memory depend on assemblances that deal with emotion, planning, forethought, and motivation. Some forms of memory involve conscious efforts of recollection of things that one can describe, …show more content…

Classical conditioning works with involuntary behavior. The most famous experiments with this type of learning was known as Pavlov’s dogs, where the dogs were conditioned to salivate when a bell rings because they have been conditioned to expect food directly following the bell. In humans, classical conditioning is considered to be an example of implicit learning, which occurs without consciousness. One easily learns to respond instinctively to some sort of stimulus with emotion, excitement, or anticipation when they have become classically conditioned. It is important to distinguish memory from performance, because when behaviors diminish it may have nothing to do with remembering what should happen or what has happened, but may result due to interference to reduced access (Bouton & Moody, 2004). Memory is an important factor in classical conditioning as conditioned stimulus is used to resurface the …show more content…

“Because it encompasses attention, memory and motivation, social learning theory spans both cognitive and behavioral frameworks” (“Social Learning Theory”, 2013). In social learning theory, memory has to do with the circumstances that are vital for effective modeling to take place or be repeated. Memory coding is remembering through practice, and is a vital component in social learning. Social interactions that have the greatest influence occur with the people who matter to us most. Memories are often easier to recall if they are connected to social interaction. We, as humans, are impacted dramatically by the behaviors that important people in our lives exhibit. This theory should influence parents greatly, as parents are the ultimate examples in modeling behavior that children learn from. For instance, if a child watches her father love and cherish her mother, she will internalize and learn that this is the way that women should be

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