Kafka's Metamorphosis Audience Analysis

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Metamorphosis has a variety of retellings. Each one from a different author; giving it a unique sense of style. The story Metamorphosis is consistent throughout all the retelling but every retelling is for a different type of audience. The audience may vary from those who already read the story, those who will be motivated to read Kafka, and lastly those who will read the retelling only. To know the reason why the audience is attracted to the investigator one might say has to look at the aspects and the excitement around oneself. The factors the type of audience that read the retellings are age, society, and personal preference. First off, society might like to compare the audience who are motivated to read Kafka. The intentions of reading a piece of literature contributes to the ideas that one the person is above the age average of the current society or excitement they find themselves in or it’s required in a school curriculum. One of the biggest things in America is the age gap. The age gap ranges to millennial to the well-known baby boomers and beyond for some lucky ones. The older the person is the more they will be attracted to classic pieces of literature. Older people will tend to analyze Kafka’s …show more content…

This all mostly due to personal preferences. Millennials and young adults will read the retelling due to the fact that it is less complex and it get to the point of the story faster. The retellings of the story are graphic novels meaning young people will mostly read it in one sitting giving them extra time to start perhaps an assignment. Since at a young age people are taught by picture books. This all tied up to the way they read to students since kindergarten. Young adults will steer for picture graphic novels then long storied will more complex writing. Not everything that is simplified always the

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