Methodological Approaches In Comparative Education

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There are a number of methodological approaches used by scholars in their approach to the study of comparative education. It is important to note that methodology in comparative education, as in other educational disciplines, is determined by the purpose of the study. Like other social sciences, comparative education has been studied at different times of its development with different methodological approaches. A close look at the various developmental phases reveal that, each phase has produced a different type of work, that mainly depend on the dominant views and motives for comparative education study.
In this regard therefore, we note that methodological approaches used in comparative education are divided into two broad categories, namely traditional approach and modern approach. Under the traditional approach we have the descriptive/statistical method and the historical approach. Under the modern approach we have sociological, analytical and synthetic approaches.
The statistical/Quantitative method

This method emphasized the collection, interpretation, verification and comparison of data in education by using statistical/Quantitative analytical charts. The main aim was to facilitate borrowing of useful information or lessons from foreign countries.

In this method various type of educational data are collected about a country. For example, the data about the number of students at a certain stage
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