Qualitative And Quantitative Research

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Research methodology is the theoretical and systematic analysis of the methods used in a given research. The concept entails more than just the techniques of data collection. Research methodology is a systematic approach that helps to solve the research problem (Kumar 2005, p.44). Research methodology helps to identify which of the methods are relevant to apply, what they mean, why and when they should be used (Mackenzie 2006, p.3). It is a scientific way of analyzing how research is to be conducted. It gives the direction that the research will take in predicting and explaining the existence of certain phenomena that are under the study. It can also be defined as the study of techniques through which knowledge is obtained (Peffers 2007, p.46).…show more content…
However, the approach used to provide solutions to that particular problem is the Methodology of the research (Industrial Research Institute, 2010). Research methodology emphasizes on the provision of an explanation of the application of certain techniques over others (Peffers 2007, p.46-47).
Therefore, research methodology can be defined as a systematic and a theoretical analysis of the methods used to solve a given research problem. The section explains which methods are preferred over which ones, why they are preferred, and the manner of applying the methods, the research approach, the strategy, the techniques of collecting data, the selection of the sample size, the delimitations and limitations of the study together with the ethical considerations are analyzed in detail.
3.2 The rationale for the research
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Qualitative research design has been argued to provide valuable insights into the problem, which eventually helps in the development of both the ideas and hypothesis for the research, study (Driscoll et al., 2007). This design has frequently been used for uncovering the trends in opinions and thoughts while allowing the study to delve into the problem at hand. Considering the nature of qualitative research design.
The need for exploring the topic calls for additional justification for a qualitative study. This warrants a detailed view of the construct. The researcher employed a qualitative research in the research process because the intention was probably to disclose the events of the story from the perspective of a participant rather than the judgments being passed on participants from an experts’ perspective (Creswell 1998, p.16). The researcher has preferred qualitative research design over quantitative study.
3.3 Sources of
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