Mgt 311 Week 2 Self Care Reflection

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Self- Care Reflection


1.) I spend about 1 hour per day dressing/grooming myself.
2.) The task that I find most enjoyable relating to grooming/dressing is brushing my teeth. I love the mint taste because, it wakes me up and I feel clean afterwards. I find brushing my hair least enjoyable because, I have such thick hair.
3.) I take a bath in the tub over showering. I often love to take bubble baths to help relieve stress. The only time I really take showers is after I go somewhere really unsanitary, such as an amusement park.
4.) Yes, I use a mirror for dressing and grooming. I have a very long mirror on my door that I often use to look at clothes, and put makeup on.
5.) The weather is a huge factor for me when deciding what to wear, I love to be cozy.
6.) I often over dress for some occasions. My friends usually wear sweatpants, and I …show more content…

The most enjoyable part of the game was the satisfaction when you won. I mostly only shared this activity with my friends in grade school. This activity allowed my friend group to meet new people because, kids would often come over and ask if they could join the game because, it looked fun.
- Pre-adolescents: When playing Manhunt, the activity was taught to me through my friends. The most enjoyable part was that I felt as if I had freedom. I only ever played this game with my close neighbors, being that it involved running around in the community. It was a very big part of my friend group because, it is what brought us together every weekend.
- Adolescents: When playing competitive games, such as soccer, I was taught how to play this game through my dad when I was younger. The most enjoyable part of the game was the feeling of scoring a goal. I shared this activity with my friends, dad, and sister. Soccer played an important role on the culture of my family because, my dad and I often bonded through playing

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