Michael Jackson's Influence On The World

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Who was Michael Jackson and what was so great about him? Michael Jackson has been an influence on the world since he was a kid and is still an influence even though he has passed away. He was such a great artist and he is missed dearly, worldwide. Even though he’s gone, people still think about him as the greatest artist that man had to offer. Michael Jackson is one of the most revolutionary artist in history for his inspiring journey through fame and his impact on humanitarian issues. To think of Michael Jackson is to pretty much think of a king. But this king had his trials. Fame and fortune isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. All that money, attention and critique can put a stress on one’s self and their mental state. “As his fame grew to epic proportions, however, Jackson eventually became the nucleus of his own mammoth sideshow, earning headlines for his face-altering plastic surgery; his increasingly eccentric public behavior; and, on repeated occasions, allegations that the singer had engaged in the sexual abuse of minors” (Markowits). Michael Jackson not only shocked the world with his stellar moves and his amazing voice, but also with his scandalous life experiences. His fame and fortune was getting to him. But even with his struggle, there was still immense success. Michael Jackson couldn’t just sing with the voice of an angel, but he could also dance like no one had ever seen before. Sure people know about it now but when he was gaining stardom, he was

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