Middle School Sports Research Paper

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Middle school students are competing in competitive sports which both have a positive and negative side. Some players say that sports can help people lose weight and keep active. But on the other half states that it can be dangerous and can cause future physical damage. Generally competitive sports can be fun but it can come with consequences of regret of young children 's lives. My reasons of competitive sports being bad are that it can take up the participants time and it can pressure or overwhelm them in a sense of them being stressed. Second reason is that the injuries can be vital and can cause future damages to your physical state and maybe mental state if overwhelmed too much for working on the sport. My third and final reason of competitive …show more content…

For example research states that this can lead to upcoming and future damages to players bodies physically and maybe even mentally according to (Elizabeth, pg 1). Also from a past experience this is what a father and son had to say about a head injury,” Dad, I’m scared. I only have one brain, and I don’t want to hurt it playing football.”My son Will, his 10-year-old eyes filling with tears, was trying to decide whether to play quarterback in his peewee game against Roosevelt Elementary. Ten days earlier, he’d taken a helmet-to-helmet hit during practice and possibly, although we really don’t know, sustained a concussion. Now I wanted to help him make the right choice — if only I knew what that was.” (Buckley, pg 1). This shows that injuries can be crucial of what happens and it can be quite scary of what will happen from the example of the concussion to a 10 year old 's life which can turn around in a split second from just getting a blow to the head from a simple sport. In addition the findings also showed that injured athletes began specializing in one sport at an average age younger than 12 years. In addition, nearly two-thirds of these athletes in highly specialized sports sustained a repeat injury. Athletes who didn 't assist injuries began to focus on one sport when they were older than 12, on average according to (Elizabeth, pg 1). …show more content…

Lastly reason competitive sports can be bad is that it can chip off a participant 's self esteem and can make them anxious when they feel that they don’t have the ability to be like others and athletic goals will just go down and down every time. Although self esteem can set goals, it can overwhelm and worry the players which makes them in a difficult mental state from (Bailey, pg 1). Players can give anxiety from different hobbies but mostly sports from the buildup of pressure mostly towards games. For example Everyone gets a little nervous before a big game or athletic event. However, for those who experience the severe symptoms associated with social anxiety disorder (SAD), the quality of their athletic performance will often suffer from (Cuncic, pg 1).
Lastly their visualization for them can be but it can sometimes help strength in your body but imagining is very well for the athletes so that they can compete their goals. For instance, “Many elite athletes use visualization to improve performance, develop confidence, and manage anxiety. Visualization, also known as imagery or mental rehearsal, involves imagining yourself successfully competing at an athletic event.” from (Cuncic, pg 1).
So in conclusion competitive sports can be rough and dangerous overall towards all. But everyone still knows that sports can still be a great habit sometimes depending on the situation. Sports can always have both sides like with other topics but it’s all based on opinion and how you

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