Minimum Driving Age Should Not Be Raised Essay

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Because of safety concerns, many states have increased the age at which teens can begin to drive. Virginia’s state legislature is considering raising the minimum driving age from 16 to 18. I believe that the minimum age of drivers should not be changed. If Virginia’s legislature changes this law, it will cause problems. I believe that the age of driver’s license requirements should not be raised because the teenager will not have to rely on their parents to drive them wherever they need to be, it will give them experience, and it will teach them to be responsible. First of all, teenagers won’t have to rely on their parents to drive them wherever they need to be. All parents are tired of driving their kids around at some point. Some teens are teased or bullied because they fail the driver’s ed class or test. Parents also forget all the time. They can send their children on errands to the store and such. It would make life much easier for the teen and parent. Furthermore, driving will give them experience. Teens need experience if they want to grow and have a healthy and safe life. If they extend the age, then they would have less experience. They would be out of school and off to college without any driving experience. Their parents would not be able to help them learn because they are in class all the time and they would not know how to drive. …show more content…

Teens can be very frustrating sometimes, but if the parents try enough and help them learn and grow, it would make life easier for the parents and the children. It is important to learn how to drive, you can drive to school or work without worrying about a crash. Driving is a rite of passage to early adulthood. All teenagers would love to learn how to drive when they get old enough, and it should not be until they are out of

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