Second Trimester Miscarriage: A Case Study

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The aims of this study were to explore mothers’ and fathers’ experiences of hospital care during second trimester miscarriage. In particular this study aimed to report on mothers and fathers views on the care received in the hospital from the time of diagnosis of the second trimester miscarriage through to follow-up care. As a consequence the interview guide focused on parents’ experiences of hospital care and information in relation to parents’ experiences of community health care services such as general practitioners and public health nurses was not gathered, leaving some gaps in our understanding. This study does provide valuable information in relation to parents’ experience of hospital care from the time of diagnosis of second trimester …show more content…

Clinical care needs highlighted parents’ experiences in relation to medical care, hospital facilities and information. Parents’ experiences of their medical care was described under the first theme, parents were overall satisfied with their medical care and highlighted the need for adequate pain relief and the importance of the follow up appointment. This theme highlighted the importance of being separate from other pregnant women and babies and also the need for improved facilities for both mothers and fathers. Both mothers and fathers explained the need for clear communication from health care professionals and the desire to find out why the miscarriage occurred. The second global theme of relational and social experiences of miscarriage highlighted the parents’ experiences in relation to compassionate care, bonding and connecting with their baby and their experiences of support during their experience of miscarriage. Parents explained the valuable impact of sensitivity and empathy during a second trimester miscarriage. Parents explained the importance of spending time with their baby and shared various ways they remember their baby. Parents also highlighted the need for support both at the time of the miscarriage and after discharge from the hospital. The findings of this study adds to the limited research …show more content…

The care parents receive within a maternity hospital during the time of the diagnosis of the miscarriage through to follow up care is of vital importance. Effective clinical care delivered in a compassionate manor which is individualised to meet the needs of bereaved parents following second trimester miscarriage has the potential to impact positively on their experience. The Recommendations outlined below, in clinical practice, education for healthcare professionals and future research drawn from this study, are important steps towards improving future maternity care for this group of

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