Misconception About Immigration

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One misconception a lot of people make is that immigrants take jobs and opportunities away from Americans. What they don't know is that it’s actually quite the opposite.

You may think that immigrants are taking your jobs, but I have the evidence to prove you wrong.

First, there has been stories, especially in politics mainly about immigrants traveling here to the United States. There are countless of stories being spoken about immigrants.

This leads to people making assumptions like, “Illegal immigrants are using our resources, taking our jobs, filling our schools, our hospitals, and our prisons, and we are paying for it all.” (Dan Benishek).

I’ll have you know Mr. Benishek, that according to The Fiscal Times, approximately 8.1 million …show more content…

As long as they could be able to put food on the table, they didn't mind taking jobs no one less wanted. You can’t complain about something being taken away if you never wanted it in the first place.

Third, when immigrant entrepreneurs create their own businesses, they are also creating more jobs for the United States. “...in Silicon Valley, companies begun by Chinese and Indian immigrants generated more than $19.5 billion in sales and nearly 73,000 jobs in 2000.” (immigration policy.org).

“Just in the engineering and high-tech sectors, immigrant-founded firms employed some 560,000 workers and generated $63 billion in sales in 2012.” (kauffman.org). Are immigrants taking our money? I would have to oppose.

We don't give enough credit to these immigrants. They have most likely endure more problems than we could’ve ever imagined. If you believed immigrants were “taking” our jobs before reading this and now think the opposite, remember facts before assumption.

Don't stop here, research about some other myths some people still believe in. You might be surprised about what you thought you knew like me. Don't keep all this newfound knowledge to yourself, spread the

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