Mission Statement For Smith's Wings Shop

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There are three mission statements for a company. One of the mission statements is about the customers. Comparing and contrasting with an analysis on mission statement for mission statement one is that: The strong point about this mission statement is that : The company valued their customers in contributing positively to the company and develop a balance interest in other lives and professional skills of other employees. The weak point is that this company develops their own selection or list of skills, and this company only valued customers while the customers contributing positively to their company this is weak and ineffective. You should valued all customers is they contribute to the business or not and you don’t mix your personal lives with your business. Mission statement three: is strong and effective. This company has quality services for their employees. They recruits qualified individuals, that could train and educate their employees where they could get a promotion and increase their skills to this company. This company emphasize on cleanliness and the safety of their employees. Also, this company asks for feedbacks for it employees where the other company did not have that in their …show more content…

To make sure Smith’s Wings Shop keeps a clean and relaxing environment for each guest and worker. Guarantee the quality of prepared meals, fast service, and reasonable prices. To thank each customer for taking time out of their schedules to come and let the Smith’s Wings Shop staff serve them. Smith’s Wings Shop provides cleanliness, safety, kindness; respect and concerns will all customers and employees. Smith’s Wings Shop is every effective in recruiting good and qualified workers for their business and set aside a day out of the each month to give back to the community which is consider as a fun day at Smith’s Wings

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