Mobile Communication Technology Advantages And Disadvantages

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If anyone is ill and wants to visit a doctor for checkup, he or she needs to visit the hospital and waits until the doctor is available. The patient also waits in a wait in line while getting appointment. If the doctor cancels the appointment for some emergency reasons then the patient is not able to know about the cancelation of the appointment unless he or she visits the hospital. As the mobile communication technology is developing rapidly, therefore, one can use the mobile’s applications to overcome such problems and difficulty for the patients. There is much work in the literature in this regard.
An smart agent based appointment system has been proposed in which a preparation system is provided for patients. The junior medical staff schedules
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The mobile application accepts appointments by saving the record of the appointment on the phone calendar which is coordinated with the Google calendar. The user get an alert based on preset specified time before the appointment time and date. Proposed a Health Track system that communicates with sensors via smart phone for data collection, and stores data at the same time as to the central server for further analysis via the internet. Some online systems that are already functional still have some drawbacks. To overcome these drawbacks an online patient appointment system is proposed using Near Field Communication (NFC) system and Android enabled mobile application. This system works by registration and preparation appointments based on NFC that accesses patient’s health records and reports to alert nurses and doctors. There is another interesting work which is Disease Self inspection and Hospital Registration Recommendation System (DSRRS). It uses Representational State Transfer (REST) style for communication interface between reasoning service and the system. Before analysis users disease history is retrieved from Personal Health Record (PHR) and passed as an input to

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