Mosquito Bite Research Paper

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This research reports on investigation and information about the mosquito issues in rubber estate related to rubber tapping activities in particular for the local rubber estate field in Peninsular Malaysia. The mosquito bites problem is a vital issue to solve in the area of rubber estate that should be taken seriously and given highest attention by rubber tapper. Nearly everyone is sensitive to mosquito bites and it is a common disruption that everyone has experience. Furthermore, it is also give effect for allergic reaction to it. Associated with mosquito bites, it is resulting in itch around the bite area and typically, most people also have a variety of reactions to mosquito bites. The symptoms of mosquito bites can change over time, depending on the number of bites a person…show more content…
The smoke from the mosquito coil proved to have chemical substances which affect human respiratory system. The survey questionnaires will be used to gain data for this research. The observation is use to study the current mosquito condition in rubber estate and how might be exposed to mosquito bites, the main of task, timing and a problem often occurred. The researchers also do a questionnaire on local rubber estate in Malaysia to find out the effectiveness of the mosquito repellent product use to deal this mosquito bites issue. These extensive qualitative and quantitative findings have been summarized and the significance discussed in the last chapter of the research report. Finally, findings of these report will have important impact on how rubber tappers approach the mosquito bites problem, and will complement their current understanding of mosquito repellent product. Then, also included the recommendation for future research. Data bases of the noted quantitative and qualitative empirical information are given in the Appendices along with

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