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Failure does not necessarily mean a stop sign. It is important to find a way to recover when you get knocked back. See any failures as feedback on how you can do better. Successful people have qualities such as positivity, optimism and emotional management. You are entitled to feel the emotions that come with setbacks, but do not make this a permanent state. Build your character and have the strength to find resilience at times when things are going wrong. We are all on the same boat, we have to face major challenges, it is a part of life. Learn to overcome problems. In life you reap what you sow. Your journey is in your hands. Each person is an individual. Everyone progresses at different stages. Some people are quicker to achieve success…show more content…
True happiness comes from living and acting within our values everyday. When we are happy, we do things better. This is the case with everyone of us. If I think of someone I respect most. I describe three qualities about that person that I admire. There are people who have come through so much hardship, they had a very difficult upbringing, suffered abuse. They do not let it hold them back from who they want to be. They do not sit around feeling sorry for themselves like so many people do. It is a choice to allow bad situations to ruin the rest of your life. They have optimism, positivity and they can manage her emotions. They have all the great qualities of successful people. These are qualities I really admire. I have to work out my most important values. These are: happiness, optimistic outlook on life and a feeling of peace and contentment. I work out the three most important qualities I would like to be best known for. These are: inspiration, commitment and courage. I have to replay my vision of financial freedom everyday. At the same time be mindful of my mission and values. My thoughts have to be detailed. I repeat this once a week. This will create a deeper meaning and greater sense of purpose in all the things I

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