Case Study 2 Procedure To Build Up Multisensory Branding

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2 Procedure to build up multisensory branding
This part focuses on illustrating key steps and concepts of how to build an energetic brand in multisensory aspect. To implement multisensory branding, companies should identify value preposition of the brand first. Then, destroy and reform the brand with five senses according to sensory marketing framework which includes three elements - sen-sors, sensations and sense expressions.

3.1 Identify value preposition of the brand
“Knowing what you are known for” is of central importance during the branding process. (Lindstrom, 2005, p. 40) As mentioned in previous part, branding is a set of marketing methods that help to distinguish a company from competitors. Therefore, no matter which branding method the companies is using – traditional or multisensory, companies should identify value preposition of the brand and be familiar with their comparative advantage. According to Cambridge Dictionary, value proposition is a reason given by a seller for buying their
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If companies can em-ploy multisensory branding correctly, they will be able to deliver superior experiences for consumers and create competitive advantage over any single sensory broadcast. (Calvert & Dr. Abhishek Pathak, 2015) Nowadays, instead of buying services or products alone, customers search for emotional experiences provided by brands. Previous research pa-pers suggested that brands should convert from providing services products to experience products to preserve customer loyalty. (Hultén, Sensory marketing: The multi-sensory brand-experience concept, 2010, pp. 257-258) Managers have to focus on the concept of customer experience as competition in retail has aggravated. (Spence, Puccinelli, Grewal, & Roggeveen, 2014, p. 472) It is anticipated that multisensory branding will be a market trend owning to its benefit in building solid and lively brand image and threaten from in-tensive

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