My Favorite Experience Essay

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It has been years since I have been waiting for this moment, I can´t believe it is finally here. My excitement is off-the-charts; I have finally found something that I can fully enjoy. I take out a small USB-like object and insert it into the capsule that occupies a large space in my room. I could get those new minimalistic headsets that are now on the market, but nothing beats the felling of jumping into a capsule and fully immersing yourself in the game I move the massive amounts of papers stockpiled in my table, being an executive in a business really makes you busy. But, thanks to all my work, I have finally gone into retirement at the young age of 30, giving me even more time to enjoy myself. My son and daughter have already gone to the next stage of their lives and they are no longer here, depending on me. Things have never been greater for me. I could travel the world, start something new, do many things, but for now, I simply want to fully enjoy one of my favorite things to do; play games. Due to my endless work, I needed to give up one of my favorite hobbies, but now… now I have finally returned home. When I was young, I played mostly action/adventure games, with the usual mix of FPS, but I did have one genre that was my absolute favorite. Farming simulators. I loved waiting for the crops to grow, passing the seasons, interacting with the others, going to the mines, battling with some monster, crafting, making process chains. In a way, those games
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