Personal Narrative: My First Day Of High School

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As my mom woke me up at 6:00 on my first day of high school I was overwhelmed with feelings of excitement and dread. As I put on my new white shirt and crisp plaid shorts, I couldn’t help but reflect on everything in my life that had lead me to my first day of high school at St. Thomas More. After eating my cheerios for breakfast, I went outside where my neighbor Katherine and her mom were waiting to pick me up. The carline went on for miles and miles, but we still arrived to school promptly at seven. As I stepped out of the car, I couldn’t wait to see how my first day of high school would go. As I stepped through the doors I was instantly aware of the loud buzz of anxious students talking in the mall. After talking to my friends, the first …show more content…

As I walked into classroom 205 my English teacher greeted me and assigned me my desk. Mrs. Manuel was as loud as a freight train, but after she talked to our class I knew I was going to enjoy my English class this year. After brainstorming about my first day up to that point, the bell rang and I reported to Mrs. Kopieczek for Spanish. We reviewed some basic Spanish, but I knew this would be an easy class for me since I have already taken 2 years of Spanish. After 50 minutes of Spanish class I reported to Mr. Jennings for one of my favorite classes, world geography. I have always enjoyed my social studies class, and I can tell by Mr. Jenning’s dry humor and relaxed rules that I’m really going to have a good time in world geography this year. As I walked to my fifth hour class, my stomach screamed at me as I watched everyone in first lunch settle down to eat. My religion teacher, Mr. Cormier, wanted us to know our classmates a little better so he had us fill out a work sheet. I was embarrassed when I jumped out of my seat when the bell that signaled the end of first lunch rang, but many others did so as well, so I was not the only red-faced student. The bell sang “Hallelujah” as it signaled lunch time. I met up with Camille and enjoyed my peanut butter and jelly as we talked

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