My Reading: A Short Story

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Reading. There was no other word in the world that I hated more. As a child being forced to read in school or at home, my hatred for it only grew stronger. However, all it took was one class to change that. As a young reader and writer, there are many milestones to be crossed in order to evolve within literacy, and for me personally, the most impactful milestone to be obtained was discovering my passion of reading novels, particularly in the time of my later elementary school years.
As a math minded elementary student, there was little english work that I would find myself fully engaged in, however, that had all changed by the time I had reached Mrs. Cain’s fourth grade class. Each day, Mrs. Cain would read aloud Blue, a children’s novel …show more content…

As a kid, my mom would make me read at least twenty minutes a day. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely hated it. I cherished my breaks from school, particularly summer vacation, but once it came to those twenty minutes, I would get so upset. I would sit in my bay window listening to the birds with nothing but the sun’s reflection on my bright green walls, which all seems nice, but I despised it. There was nothing I wanted to do more than get out of there. However, this all changed once I had found my own personal genre of books that I liked to …show more content…

The library was located right beside my dad’s company, which made going to the library very convenient. As my grandmother and I would walk to the library, the sun would be shining, the birds would be singing, and there would always be one large puddle at the bottom of the hill we had to avoid. Once we would go inside, I would head straight to the card catalog in order to find a cool, new book to read. We would search and read for hours until it was time to go. Not only did this help my passion of reading to grow, it also created special bonds that can never be broken. Because Mrs. Cain had opened my eyes a whole new world of books, I found it easier to find novels that I could engage in. I had begun to read books about topics that interested my such as horses, magic, mysteries, and books that told a realistic story. I read books like Black Beauty, the Harry Potter series, and several realistic fiction books such as Because of Winn Dixie. This world of books that I was unfamiliar with had suddenly become available to me, finally making me an avid reader, which I continue to be to this day.
In summary, at the beginning of my fourth grade year, there was nothing anyone could do to make me sit still long enough to read a book that I found completely dull. Although I had felt that way for my entire life, all it took was one single book along with one single fourth

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