My Love In Writing

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The Recalling days I would binge-read some of my favorite books, I remember how much my love for writing was incomparable to my love for reading; I could spend hours reading books but when it came to writing I always felt down. Maybe my inability to write in a similar or better way than the authors of books I read, provoked thoughts of a lack of imagination and strength to write anything that could be of interest to anyone. My confidence in my writing capability was at an all-time low. Slowly but surely, I pushed myself to practice more writing, using new words, learning more about punctuation I had assumed full knowledge of, and finally, though not at the level of my favorite books, my writing proficiency had experienced a noticeable improvement and so did my confidence in my writing. …show more content…

It was not that my writing proficiency skyrocketed, but that I had started to see writing from a whole new perspective, it was now the only means of pouring out every single one of my thoughts. I speak of writing but it is more of typing, and every time I type I feel fortunate to have Grammarly close by. Grammarly is a grammar checker application with extra writing enhancement features, and when first introduced to it, honestly, I underestimated it, thinking it will just be another word-corrector-like application on Microsoft Word and smartphones, but only I knew how misguided my thoughts were after it’s first

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