My Weakness In Math

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When I think about myself, as a math learner one thing that I know is very important is low stress. Growing up during Elementary school, Middle school and high school I always enjoyed math and found it to be a very interesting and relaxing subject. Once I began taking AP Calculus during my senior year of high school I saw my stress level start to raise and my retention of information and my engagement with understanding the material versus just getting the right answer drop. I became fixated with having the right answers even if I did not understand how the math worked. This is a sad reality for many high school math students they are obsessed with the right answer. I find that the beauty of math is in the process, and if students learn to care more for that instead I think they will understand more math.
While being stressed is definitely my biggest weakness in math my biggest strength would be conceptualizing problems in new ways. Often when I was in college of high school when math becomes more complex and there are more than one way to solve the problem I would enjoy exploring that. I would try and look for the most effective way to solve problems it helped me to avoid the trap of getting the right answer being the goal. This is something that has definitely got stronger the more math I master.
I think that in terms of the teaching I have received the best matches I have had are with teachers who emphasized my strengths. So teacher who cared a lot about the process of

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