Narrative Essay About Reading

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I cannot remember exactly when I first learned to read. I image it would have began during my early school years. I was never or have ever been passionate about reading, however I did like my mum reading books to me at bed time as a child. I grew up in Liverpool, England were reading was never a priority. The only thing I liked to do when I was younger was play football (Soccer) and that’s exactly what I did whenever I had the opportunity to do so. From the age of 3 years old I have played for a football team that has resulted in practice up to four times a week and two games a week. After traveling to and from training, little time is remaining throughout the day for anything else. I lived with my mother, grandfather and grandma growing up, to this day, I don’t recall seeing any of them pick up a book and reading one throughout my childhood. The only time I was subjected to reading was during school when I was forced too. I think this contributed to the normality of not wanting to or thinking about reading outside of school. The area I grew up in was also fairly deprived, as a result, none of my friends or friends’ …show more content…

My reading was very poor and my writing and spelling was even worse. No matter how hard I tried, I could still not spell or read well. At the age of 10, my mum decided to take me to get tested for dyslexia as my reading, writing and spelling for my age was still extremely poor. After the vigorous testing, it was discovered that I suffered from severe dyslexia. I was encouraged to read and write more. However, it didn’t help, my spelling remained poor, as did my reading, writing and grammar. I consider myself extremely competitive which I believe has contributed to my success to date. I always strive to be the best and get extremely disheartened when I am not good at something. I believe this has resulted in such a disliking for reading and writing over the years as I could never do

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