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I would never have guessed that a little dehydration and heavy lifting would lead to a night in the hospital. Our freshman football season just got over with, and it was time to start lifting hard for next season. We hadn’t lifted much during football, so when we started up with heavy weights it made you sore. After our second week back into lifting, my arms were dead. We had just done an extremely intense triceps workout before the weekend started. The whole weekend my arms felt like they had just ran a marathon until Monday morning. As I woke up Monday morning, my arms weren’t sore anymore, but my left arm felt a little bigger. I didn’t think much of it at the time; maybe lifting weights had made my left arm stronger than my right. I started poking it and feeling it until I realized today …show more content…

When it started getting late my family said goodbye and left me in the hospital. It was only uphill from there on out. I had cable tv, had the remote to myself, and basically had room service! The only drawback was the lab person coming up to draw my blood every 5 hours. That meant she even had to wake me up when I fell asleep, but I understood why. She had to keep checking my creatinine levels to make sure they were going down.
When I eventually woke up the next morning I saw my family. They hung out with me the rest of the day until around 5 O 'clock when the Doctor came in and said, “Caleb’s levels have lowered enough that he can head home now. He needs to check in with PT before lifting again. He also needs to drink tons of water and fluids, but other than that you guys can head down and get checked out.”
That’s what we did. We headed home and carried on with our lives. Even though I didn’t have a bad time in the hospital, I still don’t want to go back. Throughout that experience, I learned that it’s important to take care of your body because nobody is

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