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Power in Passion Prior to participating in the theater program at Regis St. Mary Catholic School, I had never experienced the impact of being a part of something that I felt passionate about. Growing up, I never took part in sports or clubs, unlike many of my fellow peers who did. However, I was fascinated by plays and musicals that my mom would take me to now and then. I found a show’s ability to captivate the audience and transport them into a different world magical. It was not until high school when I was able to explore the world of theater first hand. Once in high school, the allure never left and only grew stronger as I became more involved in it throughout the years. It did not take long for it to become something that I fell in love …show more content…

During the past two summers I have spent volunteering, I have met many campers who have never done anything pertaining to the performing arts before. Introducing something that I care about so deeply to eager kids make the experience much more special. I knew theater’s capability to bestow important communication skills, and I hoped for kids to leave the camp with a stronger sense of confidence. To encourage excitement and lead these children to discover an appreciation towards an activity means a lot to me, as I never had the chance to get involved and explore those types of feelings at that age. While all the kids I meet at camp inspire me in their own ways, it is a ten year old girl named Samantha who has impacted me the …show more content…

It taught me the how impactful it is to have passion in life. Samantha’s art served as her escape when times got rough. Through art, she was able to focus on herself, which in return, guided her towards maturity. I found my passion in theater at a later age than Samantha did in her art, but it served the same purpose, when I needed it the most. No matter what age, young or old, people should explore what sets their soul on fire, because that will help light the

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