Narrative Essay On The Bermuda Triangle

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So there I was, in Bermuda getting ready to go snorkeling. I was with my parents and my little brother. It was about 1:00, and the sun was burning over our faces. We were on a glass bottom boat at first and we were going to get a tour.
They drove the boat for a few minutes, and then we went to a place where the residents of Bermuda lived. The houses were mostly a pale pink or yellow and the houses were all on wood blocks so there is an elevation. The Lady conducting this tour told us that since they lived so close to the shoreline all the houses had some sort of elevation. Then they took us to a sunken ship, the ship was standing vertical straight down so we only got to see the top. It looked like the ship was tipped over and that was why it was so vertically straight. The boat looked very old. The instructor told us that the boat carried lots of goods but then it crashed.
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Where are we going? I thought as they were driving. I was looking at the floor of the boat because it was glass. As I looked down I saw that when we were in shallow parts we could see marine animals, but when we were at deeper parts of the water we could only see water. We drove right on top of the Bermuda triangle.
Why could we now go on the Bermuda Triangle? I thought. The Bermuda triangle was said to have sucked people into it and then the person was never seen again. There are many myths about the Bermuda Triangle but, it is not sure if any are true. The instructor stated happily, “We are now going to the snorkeling sight!” A loud cheer erupted. It was about a 10-minute drive to the snorkeling place. When we got there it was a big space there were rocks on one side that was the island. Which meant we were close to the
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