Role Of Pawnshops In Navotas City

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The Problem This research aims to understand the role of pawnshops as a source of financing for the residents of Navotas City. It is intended to answer the questions: what is the profile of respondents in terms of age, sex, civil status, educational attainment, number of household members, and household monthly income; how do residents of Navotas City provide for their household needs in cases of deficit resulting from a higher level of consumption than income; and is there a significant difference between the roles of pawnshops as a source of financing for the residents of Navotas City as perceived by the respondents when grouped according to profile.

Research Methodology The descriptive method was used in the conduct of the study to gather,
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The head of the families in Navotas City is mostly female, ages 31-40, married, college graduate, has 4-6 household members, and has only one member earning mostly below Php 10,000 per month. Therefore, the monthly household income of most households is not enough to meet the basic needs of the family members, causing them to resort to debt financing.
2. The households in Navotas City prefer accessibility and convenience for their financing source as evidenced by them seeking the aid of 5-6 when faced with deficit. The usual proceeds from pawning is considered minimal and those who pawn only visit pawnshops annually, signifying that the funds are mostly for emergency purposes only. Cebuana Lhuillier can be used as a benchmark by other pawnshops in improving their pawning services as it was the most preferred pawnshop by the
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Pawnshop clients must give importance to education since this is directly related with financial literacy. It is recommended that they practice financial planning.
2. The pawnbrokers must create advertisements about the pawnshop industry and their role in financing that will elicit positive perception and raise awareness among the public.
3. That pawnshop management must employ more stringent hiring policies and proper trainings and must conduct thorough investigations regarding their policies and procedures with regard to pawning services.
4. The regulators must conduct an intensive study about the pawnshop industry, perform compliance audits and publicize their investigation findings about pawnshops. It is also recommended that they promote financial literacy through various programs that may be integrated with the educational system and local government programs.
5. The future researchers must conduct further study to negate and/or verify the findings presented in the research in a similar, different, or related

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