Negative Influence Of Social Media Essay

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In this day and age, social media is an important aspect of most people’s lives. Especially, for the lives of the younger generation. More than 76 percent of the American population uses social media. If you ask anyone from the of ages thirteen and above, almost all of them will say that they have at least one account on a social media platform. And, with the amount of social platforms there are today, it’s not surprising. It is such a widely accepted concept that it is more surprising for someone to not have a social media account. For years, there have been many debates about the negative and positive effects of social media on the individuals who use social media platforms.

On one hand, there is so much damage social media can do to a
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It needs to be something that will get them a large amount of likes or many comments complimenting them. The constant feeling of needing to be popular is common in a lot of people. Popularity can be so important to some people that they will lose the sense of who they are. They’re desperate to be accepted by their peers and that can cause someone to post something that is not authentic to their personality or become friends with someone that they have nothing in common with. Different trends can become incredibly popular at an alarming speed and in today’s society, conforming to those trends is what makes you popular, even if it is something that goes against your morals or beliefs.

But, not everything about the use of social media has a negative effect on the people who use it. For instance, with the help of social media, it has never been so simple to make friends. Not everyone is outgoing, which makes it harder for introverted individuals to meet people. On social media sites like Twitter or Instagram, it is incredibly easy to reach out to others that have the same interests as you. It is especially useful when you can’t relate to anyone that you personally know. On the internet, there are probably hundreds of people who understand what you are saying and want to talk about with

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