Nestle Pure Life Brand Analysis

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Analyse the current image of the company internally and externally Nestle Pure Life: Logo and family brand Nestle pure life is a brand of Nestle which explains a big symbol of quality to customers. The analysis of this brand shows things that comes into the customer’s mind when he thinks about the brand. Nestle Pure Life is easy to pronounce, to translate and to recognize and the logo of Nestle pure life is showing family care to consumer which is enough to attract them. Nestle Pure life brand is well known brand of the world, so it is a memorable brand of Nestle. The name of brand provides meaning of healthy brand and its name and theme are registered so it is also protectable and adoptable. Pure Life's brand is good food for good life.…show more content…
People in Lebanese villages have less information about Nestle Pure Life • Communication is weak • Selling Nestle pure life is low in winter season. Due to this reason this product is seasonal, and this seasonal factor make this sale cyclical. • Less budget to allocate for branding and facilitating activities • The distribution cost in Lebanon is high as compared to the competition in the national market. THREATS • Uncertain conditions will affect the sales (ex:war) • Cheap rates of known brand like Sohat, Reem &Tannourine is the biggest threat in near future • If the government department will take precautionary measures to provide safe and drinking water to every home by installing filtered plants to every locality to be easily access by everyone. • Demand of the product is elastic • Increase in labor costs • Rising cost of raw…show more content…
Nestle is an industry giant and doing a successful business around the world and also operating in Lebanon. But still certain measures are that should be taken in Lebanese market are recommended below specially for “Nestle Pure Life” brand 1. Price of the “Nestle Pure Life” should be low to increase the consumers. 2. The company should make huge expenses on advertisement in rural areas of Lebanon, to create awareness in the mind of local area's people. 3. The company should held seminars and meeting for the promotion of Nestle Pure Life 4. The people who use other mineral products not “Nestle Pure Life” should be survey and then concentrate on those facts that why people are not using this product. 5. Availability of” Nestle pure Life” should be ensured on every shop in Lebanon 6. The company in Lebanon should offer small pack sizes 33cl in order to compete with others competitors. 7. At present, the company is sponsoring events on a small scale. It should go for financing much more events everywhere in Lebanon 8. Company should provide incentives to shop

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