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Network News is a part of people’s daily lives even if they do not realize that. Network News has control over the society because network news has become the main source of knowledge and information that people can rely on to know the news about what is happening in the world. Also, it affects people’s political views in different ways and people can change their opinions because of the information and the image the news is reporting. People are affected positively when they see good news, and they are affected negatively when they see bad news. Therefore, network news has an impact on people’s lives because network news can shape people’s minds, and it can affect their optimism in their daily lives if the news were bad. On the other…show more content…
The variation of types of people in the world causes a difference in opinions and perspectives around the world about political issues and problems. For example, different religions, standards of living, emotional levels, environments, ages, races, and different cultures can cause various political views. In “The Influence of Neighbors” Ryan Enos says that, “the space you live in and who is around you could affect your political behavior “It’s not just where people live, it’s who else lives there with them.” Enos is saying that people’s daily decisions are affected by their surroundings, and both the environment and other people can influence each other’s opinions and perspectives. But people still need a source that supports their views. Network News is the source where people get their knowledge about different political or social or environmental issues. Therefore, the images that network news shows about an issue will affect people’s opinions and points of view because the news will show the people by reporting who to blame and who is good or bad. Also, network news manipulates people by showing them images that will emotionally affect the people; therefore, some people will sympathize with the story. As a result, the people will be manipulated to change their perspectives and opinions, and they will change the side they are on whether the reports were biased or…show more content…
Misrepresentation is misleading the truth of something; in other words, it is when a wrong or distorted image is shown to the world. Misrepresentation in network news is sometimes done for a purpose because the news wants to reach their goal by demonstrating those misrepresented images. Therefore, the news is shaping people’s minds in an indirect way by feeding people false images. Misrepresentation in the news can affect some people that are being misrepresented by the network news. For example, the report cover the terrorist acts are being done by ISIS. (ISIS) “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria." Therefore, this gives people who do not know the truth a wrong image about Islam because all of Islam is being represented as a religion that is all about killing innocent people and terrorism. Also, the terrorist act of 9/11 was described in the news as an act by Islam. As a result, the report misleads the audience to think that all Muslims are terrorists, and people’s knowledge was all based on bias and misrepresentation images by network news. Also, this can affect some people in a direct way; for instance, the increase of hates crimes after the incident of 9/11. According to the FBI's Uniform Crime Reports program. In “Anti-Muslim hate crimes are still five times more common today than before 9/11” Christopher Ingraham states that ” Prior to the 9/11 attacks, the program
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