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Advertisement is a way that companies found to show their products to the public. They make multiple arguments to illustrate their ideas. When making a commercial argument, images and videos are more convenient in a way that only text could not. The jogger is a video commercial that Nike used to illustrate its argument on greatness. In the advertisement created by Nike, the organization uses ethos, pathos, and logos in an effort to persuade the audience that everybody can achieve greatness with Nike. In the ad, the use of ethos does have a great impact in the argument. The use of ethos in this commercial is Nike. Nike is well known international organization that is credible and trustworthy. As an international organization, the design Nike brings a huge impact on the commercial credibility. Nike is a world figure of athleticism because of the amount of athletes who use it, so the audience can trust it to achieve greatness. Nike is the sponsor official of the commercial and the jogger also wear Nike’s shoes. The use of pathos appears to be the strongest in the commercial. The commercial appeals to the audience emotions. Nike uses pathos in this commercial to create excitement, desire and motivate the audience. The fact that the ad shows a young boy struggling to keep …show more content…

The commercial appeals on the audience’s logic because there is no one but multiple people who achieved greatness such as superstars, famous people and protégées. The commercial makes the point that if some people can do it, why not all of us. The voice in the ad sustains that “greatness is not a rare DNA, or a precious thing” to claim that not only chosen people could achieve greatness. In the ad, the jogger is a young boy corpulent who has difficulties to run to achieve his goals. By showing a young wrestling to keep up running, the ad proves their point that not only famous people could achieve greatness but also

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