Nokia's Case Study: Nokia And Finnish Rubber Work Company

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History of establishment of one of the leading companies of the 99s is quite interesting. Nokia's history starts back to 1865. In 1865 Fredrik Idestam mining engineer made the first wood pulp mill in southwestern Finland. Many years later he made the other mill on the banks of the river Nokianvitra, which inspired him to name his company Nokia Ab. This happened in 1871. In 1967 Idestam Nokia AB decided to merge with Finnish Rubber Works company that manufactures tires, rubber boots and other rubber products. Then they decide also to merge with Finnish Cable Works Ltd., a manufacturer of power cables and telephone founded in 1912. It was given the name Nokia Corporation. So Nokia begins to deal with several types of businesses: rubber, cable, electronics and power generation. The first entry of Nokia in telecommunications market occurs 1960. They decide to establish an electronic department at Finnish Cable Works to focus on the production of radio-transmission equipment. Technological reforms occurs fast and they have played a big role in success of Nokia Corporation, they know how to adapt these reforms. In 1982 Nokia put on market the first fully digital local…show more content…
The strategy of iPhone was simple. They use turtle strategy. Waiting for someone to clear path, and then go, in this case Nokia. Also being first is no guarantee of success. Before the Android and iPhone had apps and Maps, Nokia phones had both. Nokia attention was in way of hardware, they have good looking physical design, but they have lack of application. Symbian OS, wasn’t good as Apple OS and Android OS. They needed something innovative that will be different form their competitors, make them special. If only Nokia’s pay attention on software were as they pay on hardware, today they will be one of the best phone maker and selling company. But when we talk about Apple, they saw hardware and software as same important parts of

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