North Korean Freedom

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An average North Korean has no idea just how much better, comparably, life is outside North Korea. They are taught from birth to grave that the outside world is monstrous and hostile. They’ve never been given a taste of freedom and the prosperity. They should revolt and risk everything just to taste that. North Korea should have a revolution because the government does not protect people’s liberty and there are no possessions of property in North Korea, Kim Jong Un doesn’t believe in all humans being treated equally, and in the regime of North Korea the right to life is not protected North Korean government does not protect people’s liberty. It is illegal for the North Korean people to leave their …show more content…

In the regime of North Korea the right to life is not protected. Kim Jong Un publicly executes citizens who have been accused of a variety of crimes, including petty theft. The people arrested in North Korea are routinely tortured by officials seeking confessions, bribes, and obedience. Common forms of torture include sleep deprivation, beatings with iron rods or sticks, kicking and slapping, and enforced sitting or standing for hours. Guards also sexually abuse female detainees. North Korean refugees also confirm that persons accused of political offenses are usually sent to brutal forced labor camps, known as kwan-li-so. The government practices collective punishment, sending to forced labor camps not only the offender but also their parents, spouse, children, and even grandchildren. These camps are notorious for horrific living conditions and abuse, including induced starvation, little or no medical care, lack of proper housing and clothes, continuous mistreatment and torture by guards, and executions. Death rates in these camps are reportedly extremely high. North Korea commits crimes against humanity. There are issues regarding torture and inhuman treatment, arbitrary detention, discrimination, freedom of expression. Also a recent famine has killed over 3.5 million citizens of North Korea
North Korea is the combination of lack of freedoms and economic hardships. Risk of harsh punishments including brutal beatings, forced labor etc. North Korea should have a revolution as a result of the sadly effective and merciless persecution as an inseparable unit with the aggregate data control by the government. The degree of isolation and terrorization of the general population is so complete that the likelihood of such a revolt might be practically nil. But if the Americans, French’s and Haiti’s can do it why can’t the North

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