Nurse Handover In Nursing

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CHANGE PROCESS Nurse-nurse handover or bedside handover has been proposed as to increase patient and their family involvement in their care. In carrying out the change to bedside reporting, the adaption of Spradley’s 8-step model in conjunction with Lewin’s 3-step model of unfreezing, moving and refreezing provides for a successful and smooth transition (Kassan & Jagoo, 2005). In part of the recognition of the existing problem, full understanding of issues undergoing patient quality care and satisfaction was communicated through with the Voice of the Patient Advisory Council and the Premier Patient Experience Steering Committee which reported lack of satisfaction of patients and their family members in regards to their knowledge of their …show more content…

Through this period of unfreezing, staff and nurses impacted by such change will start to think about the current situation and informal dialogues and meetings over lunch-time or over break-time will have taken place. Selection of solution through analysis of alternative options to bedside handovers have been introduced through informal dialogues and some examples included tape-recording as an alternative instead of having the next-shift nurse be present during the interaction with the patients. In respect to this proposition, many clinical registered nurses and shift managers rejected such proposal due to privacy concerns of the patient, the patient’s lack of comfort in being recorded and the added expense that would accumulate. With the purpose and goal of such change to increase patient’s satisfaction, the bedside handover process was adopted to be the least bias and most reliable in increasing patient understanding of their own condition and allowing them to take control of the care options being provided and the medications being administered to them upon their leave. Although computer systems are used to track the patient’s status or medical needs, human-errors are deemed to occur during reporting and human interaction is nullified; thus decreasing patient satisfaction, safety and are more likely to be readmitted due to a miscommunication that was established during the shift change. The mission with in the APRN committee has been established to engage in bedside handover of patient-status report which has been approved to align with PACE which is being utilized to increase the patient and family engagement in the delivery of the most optimal care by the hospital

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