Nursing Informatics Personal Statement

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I am excited to be a part of Nursing Informatics. I was not sure what to expect, as this is my first online class. Since starting, I was suprised to see how Nursing Informatics applies to me at work. As I was taking the assessment, I discovered how much I enjoy working in the Electronic Medical Record. The Cerner program I use at the hospital gives me quicker access to patient information, improves efficiency, and reduces the potential for drug errors. I am able to document and share with patients and staff data such as lab results in real time. The Medication Administration Record helps me record and dispense medication in a correct and timely manner. The MAR also helps me provide patient education using references that are specific to that medication. I am able to access the information as I am talking with patients and provide copies of that information to patients for future use. I enjoy using the Cerner EMR program because it helps me provide information using different technologies to improve patient care and safety at the bedside. …show more content…

In February, the hospital will upgrade the Pyxis system that Nurses use to dispense medication. I am not familiar with the new program. I volunteered to be a super user and will attend training classes. These classes will help me provide support and training to staff as needed when the system goes live. Recently, I began using a tablet and wireless keyboard. I found it frustrating to use the tablet and was having trouble locating items such as the Cloud and Google Docs. This Nursing Informatics class has shown me different ways to access information with my tablet. It has been helpful to navigate through the material as I become comfortable accessing information in an online classroom

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