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A literature review was conducted to answer the following evidence-based research question "What are the effects of horizontal violence in the workplace on nurses and patient care?" The review includes a systematic review, two qualitative reviews, one quantitative review and a mixed method review that will aid in answering the research question while focusing on the effects of horizontal violence on nurses and what interventions could possibly be used to prevent this type of violence in the workplace. These studies were retrieved through various electronic databases in which will be discussed in the remainder of the literature review. The literature that was used were all published within the last five years with four of them being published in the United States and one from the United Kingdom. Information regarding the reports such as research limitations, level of evidence, research method and design are included in the discussion and implications of nursing. The literature review found that nurse on nurse bullying does indeed effect nurses in a physical and emotional way as well as effecting the adequacy of patient care.

Effects of
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The keywords used for this research varied from "nurse bullying", "horizontal violence", "patient safety", and "workplace violence". With this search there was a lot of literature on this topic of nurse bullying in the workplace but not many of the studies were based on the effects of horizontal violence on patient care. The following reports that will be discussed in the literature review were chosen specifically because they touch base upon studies that will contribute to answering the evidence-based question. Table 1 will include a summary of each of the studies included within the literature

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