Observation In Classroom

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Observing a classroom helped me get an understanding as to why teachers have different teaching theories and management. Observing allows you to listen to what a teacher has to say to every question that is being asked and allows you to see what types of questions the teacher is asking. Observing allows you to see what is being acknowledged and what is not and what is being enhanced. It allows you to see how students are learning and absorbing what the teacher is saying and how it allows them to place it in their everyday life.
Mrs. Kreglow observes her students thorough out the whole day and keeps notes using the ClassDojo app and sticky notes. The teacher asks questions through the class and sees and takes notes as to who raises their hands the most and who does not. She asks open ended questions and calls on students who do not raise their hand to see how they explain something. She notices their frustration if they do not know what the answer is or what to say. She especially observes her students during their one on one time while the student reads from a book. She documents their behavior during this time by keeping certain color sticky notes with a note where they had trouble reading it in the book. The teacher explained that proper management in a classroom can create and maintain appropriate behavior in a child. Behavior issues can interfere with the teaching that go on in the classroom and can lead to unnecessary time being taken away from teaching. There are
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