The Importance Of Classroom Observation

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Observing a classroom helped me get an understanding as to why teachers have different teaching theories and management. Observing allows you to listen to what a teacher has to say to every question that is being asked and allows you to see what types of questions the teacher is asking. Observing allows you to see what is being acknowledged and what is not and what is being enhanced. It allows you to see how students are learning and absorbing what the teacher is saying and how it allows them to place it in their everyday life.
Mrs. Kreglow observes her students thorough out the whole day and keeps notes using the ClassDojo app and sticky notes. The teacher asks questions through the class and sees and takes notes as to who raises their hands
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Behavior issues can interfere with the teaching that go on in the classroom and can lead to unnecessary time being taken away from teaching. There are already expectations on how children and teachers should behave in the whole elementary school. The teacher has a system set up in her classroom where if something inappropriate was said to take a sticky note off of her desk and to write what happened and put it by where the teacher is. When it comes to the teacher’s attention she calls the people who were involved and asks what happened, what should have happened in that situation, and how can we make that situation better now. One student wrote that someone called them dumb, so Kreglow brought the two students back and said so what happened in this situation and the student explained that she would not leave us alone, so I eventually called her dumb. The two explained how they felt and the teacher modeled what should have been done rather than calling her a mean…show more content…
While I observed the classroom, the teacher was doing small group time, so she was with the students in the back reading, and the teachers focus is on the children she is working with, while the rest of the classroom were doing their group and partner work. Yet, the children were loud and unfocused, and this is where most situations would arise with children. I would manage the class behavior by setting up a timer and saying they have to finish a certain amount of work or book by when the time is up. In conclusion, observing this classroom was a great experience being able to see the different strategies, management and teaching styles a teacher varies from one another. It is important to view different strategies and styles to be able to figure out what your own is. By working with different students and seeing how they learn, if they learn better one way or
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