Observation Of Vinny

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On July 29, 2015, myself, my husband and the interpreter Wilma; we went to a meeting with a specialist named Wendy. It was mentioned in the meeting that Vinny is more organized, the school is well organized, also, she went in the school for two days to observe Vinny, she said that she like it, and she said that Vinny is progressing, I asked in what is progressing, because I don’t see nothing new, and she told me to wait until her report is done. I spoke about Vinny goals, the school set the goals very low and of course he will do it because he does it already in the house every day , for example : wash his hands, brush his teeth….In behavior ,social, hygiene, independence, also communicating using the IPad, and he learned how to handle his …show more content…

Every day, Vinny’s teacher Ms. Sam send me in his notebook what he ate and drank, and if he was happy or not, then I sent her an email asking her about what he is doing and learning, so than we can reinforce at home, she answered the email and told me that she will send me for the all week what Vinny is learning, also, according with her email, Vinny is learning how to counting from 1 to …show more content…

Also, she wants the record (data) from Thomas and DDS, she said she wants to compare it the progress from my house’s system, and I need to prove it with something significant with the school system .Miss Wendy told me that six month is not enough time to the school show his progress, and I told her I would not want to wait more, and I told her that I felt as if my son was going to babysitter, once I saw the teacher note saying what he ate and drank only, without telling me what he learned or is learning, I also told her that I not mean that the school is bad, I believe so that he has more chance to learn in another school. She told me that CCCD does not offer speech therapist, I would have to pay separately, then I told her that I will find out about it. Also, I said that Vinny wants to sit on the lap of the people, and she told that she saw in the classroom the teacher sits on the chair behind him and he lean back, I mentioned that I saw too, when I went to visit the school with my husband and the

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